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🕯Good evening🕯

🕯Good evening🕯  I hope your day has went well. I'm enjoying staying in and warm with wind chill at a nasty level outdoors.
A warm bath with Forever Essential Oils seems like a warm and comforting idea tonight.
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Relief for Aching Muscles

If your like me and your back or muscles ache you'd like it bit of relief. I've discovered Forever Aloe Heat Lotion is the tube I go to for an aching back or sore muscles.

My dog, Dusty has trouble with his legs and appreciates when I massage his legs with Forever Aloe Heat Lotion. If he could say 'aaaah' he would. 
I like Forever Aloe Heat Lotion because it has aloe in it and no harmful ingredients. Even if Dusty decides to lick his legs after I've applied the lotion, he won't hurt him. 
 Many times we run out to the store to purchase something to give us relief from those aches. Granted you have an ache and aren't going to wait two days to get a bottle of lotion.
I'd suggest ordering yours now and having it on had for those times you need some relief. Eliminate running to the store for a product that may not contain safe ingredients and know Forever Aloe Heat Lotion has you cover, naturally.
If you need your back adjusted or have other issues do make sure you…

🙂 Time to Get Aloeful 🙂

Alright maybe there isn't such a word as 'aloeful' so if not, I'm making it up lol How's your day going?  Honestly I've been sharing more on my other site and the Forever Inspired group and time to get my arse here to share more 🙂 
I do cross post a lot but still! 
Stay tuned I'll be sharing a lot more in coming days! In the meantime do stop over to the retail store and enjoy a browse.
You never know what awesomeness you may find!

Me and Aloe Berry Nectar

Good Morning. I love this refreshing and fruity Forever Aloe Berry Nectar in the morning and it's really popular with the kids too! A couple years ago I was really sick with what was diagnosed as a respiratory disease. I was hospitalized several times and even taken by ambulance once to the hospital. My dear friends, GerardandDeborah Felix sent me a case of Aloe drinks and I have to tell you my whole physical countenance has changed to healthy. Of course if you have respiratory issues you should always consult a dr but I'm just testifying how well I'm doing today after consistently drinking aloe ☺️ If you know someone who would like this or benefit from Aloe Berry Nectar, I encourage you to order them some for a gift. They will thank you and enjoy it!

#TheAloeVeraCompany#CranberryApple #AloeDrink

Peppermint Bark for a Great Gift

Need a #GiftIdea? Create this delicious #Peppermint #EssentialOil bark, package it up nicely, label them
- gifts done!
Get your Forever Essential Oil Here>  and find a fantastic recipe here!

#PeppermintBark #PeppermintEssentialOil #ForeverPeppermint

Did You Know...

Forever Bee Pollen🐝 is gathered from blossoms blanketing remote, high desert regions. This ensures the freshest and most potent product. This supplement contains honey and royal jelly, and no preservatives or artificial flavours.

Look Ahead Relaxed Like...

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