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Good Afternoon! It's 'Munchie Monday'

Good Afternoon, It's ' Munchie Monday' and time for another healthful recipe. Not only to stay healthy but tantalize your taste buds.
I've said it before, 'Eating Healthy doesn't have to be boring'!
Today's recipe, if you haven't figured out from the picture is for salad lovers. 
It is 'Salad with Avocado Sauce and Aloe Vera Gel'
I don't take credit for this but rather give credit to Katalin Hidvegi and the Forever Benelux Newsletter.

The ingredients needed are as follows:
-1 avocado
-Juice of 2 lemons
-1 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
-1/4 Cup onions
-1/2 Cup plain yogurt
-1 clove garlic
-4 T Olive Oil


-3 Lettuce Leaves

-1 tomato

-4 okra

-1/4 cup onion

-1/4 cup cucumber

-2 boiled eggs

How to Prepare:

Cook okra in pan and let cool in water
Slice onions in thin slices and place in water with Okra
Seed, peel and dice avocado
Cut and dice garlic. If you prefer you may purchase already cut in small pieces in a jar.
Puree all ingredients in blender for sauce:
Avocado, garlic, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, lemon juice, yogurt, and onions (reserving the sliced 1/4 C onions and okra for finished salad.
Add salt and pepper to taste. I use dulse leaf as a salt substitute that has many other benefits.

Spread your lettuce leaves on plate, add okra and onions, sliced boiled eggs, diced tomatoe and sliced cucumbers.
Pour sauce over and enjoy!

You may purchase needed products I have available below.

Forever Aloe Vera Gel
33.8 oz $18.66 US
Use some for your salad and drink the rest. 
If you'd like to learn more about Forever Aloe Gel here is a link to the pdf: Aloe Vera Gel PDF

 Aloe Vera Gel

Organic Dulse Leaf
4 oz $13.29 US

Dulse Leaf, or Palmaria palmata, is a red sea vegetable that is harvested during low tides from the rocks on which it grows. Harvested Dulse Herbs are then allowed to sun dry on stones, or alternately a series of nets are placed above the stones. The Dulse Leaves are placed on the nets to dry quickly due to the radiant heat coming from the stones, yet at the same time achieving good air circulation while drying. Palmaria palmata, which is also commonly called dillisk, water leaf and red algae, is a sea vegetable that is native to Scotland, Ireland, northern France, Iceland, Canada and Greenland.
Bulk Dulse Leaf offers a lot of nutrition from this sea plant, and in years past these herbs were used in times of low food and as an animal fodder. A good source of potassium, iron, vitamins B6 and B12, and fluoride, wholesale dulse leaf is a product that is suitable for those on raw food or vegan diets.
It is advised that you not use dulse leaf if you have hyperthyroidism.

 Dulse Leaf Organic

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil
$24.95 US
Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed from the finest quality fruit of organic olive trees (Olea europaea) to preserve the highest levels of flavor, nutrients, and antioxidants. Its taste is slightly fruity and mildly peppery, with a Mediterranean flavor.

Olive oil has long been recognized for its unusual fat content. This plant oil is one of the few widely used culinary oils that contains about 75% of its fat in the form of oleic acid. Rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols, our healthy gourmet Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for just about any dish. It is a full-bodied, all-purpose olive oil, and is perfectly suited for low to medium heat dishes.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a nutritious, deeply moisturizing oil and it has a host of highly effective skin restoring and antioxidant properties. It is often used in cosmetic applications, thus creating a soothing product that is easily absorbed by the skin.
Directions: Store in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight and heat.
Ingredients: Olive Oil (Olea europaea
 Extra Virgin OrganicOil

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