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Good Afternoon: Let's Have Tea and Talk About Happy Things

Good afternoon! How's your day been going? 
It's been quiet time here and when the girls usually nap. Sometimes I even get a power nap myself.
Today is a day a I did get a little rest.
It's been a long and busy week with taking kids to Adventureland  Park swimming yesterday and usually spending the other hot/humid afternoons before nap swimming out back. Accompanied by our two Shelties of course and one that thinks he has to guard the girls and the new baby bunnies. 

I was able to get some new sand in the sand box so that was a hit today. 

It's time for 'Forever Aloe Blossom Tea'
Get some for yourself and do let me 
know how things are going.

 Aloe Blossom Tea

#aloeBlossomTea #swimming #naps #teatime

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