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Summer's End

Summer's coming to a close and for many 
school starts for your kids. 
I've had a busy last few weeks and haven't been as 
available as usual.
We've been enjoying the last few weeks of 
summer fun and no school. 
We've had time with family, the Iowa State Fair, enjoyed some concerts, enjoyed lemonade with honey, enjoyed seeing prizes for for food entries and the famous 'Butter Cow' displayed each year at the State Fair and tons of other fun displays, animals, etc We've spent time wading in creeks, swimming and being out of doors.

Now it's time to get back at it for me. 

I hope you've been taking good care of yourself. Swimming, humidity in some areas, and the heat right along with vacations and busyness of summer can take it's toll.
Our skin needs nourished, our hair and diet need to give us nourishment as well.

With summer coming to a close soon, the school year starting and the wonderful season of Autumn nearing, I hope to share some insight and products to nourish you from the inside out. And if your summer fun and activities caused you to perhaps be just a bit neglectful of taking good care of yourself, there is no time like now to begin again. 
Forever offers the best for the entire family 
including your pets.
Until next time..

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I am updating my email subscription service and hope to have it in place soon for you to sign up.
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