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Aloe Vera Isn't Just for Us Humans

Did you know that many of Forever products are not just for us humans. They are very beneficial for our animals as well. I'm sharing a video from David Urch and David Kemble, top veterinarians as they explains how Forever Living Products can help your pets.

David Urch also has an excellent book that is very beneficial in learning how Aloe Vera can benefit our animals.

By now your probably really ready to make a change to benefit your animals in a major way.
If your animal is having any issues you'd like to help them with using Forever Living products, do let me know and I'll do my best to suggest what may be helpful. 

I use the Forever Aloe Bits N Peaches for my dogs and notice their digestion is not any issue anymore. Yeah!

My dogs, Rusty and Dusty (Rusty's picture is at the top of this post) also experienced a lot of discomfort in their legs and I began rubbing Aloe Heat Lotion on their legs twice a day. To my pleasant surprise they aren't having issues with the discomfort and they are enjoying their walks so much now.

I'll be sharing more about Forever products and their benefit for our animals.
Please stop over to my website if you'd like to get started with what you've already learned. Shop Now
I'd suggest still working with your Vet if your comfortable to do so for ailments your animal may be experiencing.

I can't promise all vets are open to using something beyond what they offer just as many traditional human doctors aren't open to doing so. 
I'm not a Vet or a doctor and FDA doesn't like me to make statements that something works outside of the big money making pharmeceuticals.
Please use what I'm suggesting as just that 'suggestions'

I look forward to sharing more soon.
#Forever #AloeVera #HeatGel #DavidUrch #DavidKemble #AnimalHealth 

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