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Is AutoImmune Disease Robbing You or Someone You Know?

The Autoimmune Revolution 
  Is AutoImmume Disease robbing you or someone you know?
15 years ago we had some flooding in our area and I spent some time cleaning up. In the process I contracted MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacterium)

I broke out for months with sores that bled. And the pain...oh my gosh! I couldn't get one doctor to take the time to investigate let alone diagnose what was wrong. Gross I know but it was reality. The pain was excruciating and nothing topical was working. It was a pain from the inside out.
I was prescribed all kinds of medications in the doctors guesswork. No relief and no resolve. 

I couldn't even get off the couch and slept most of my days away.

My sister who is in the medical field found a doctor to work with me. He shared he didn't know what it was but it he wouldn't give up until he found the cause. And he did! After 2 months of driving 2 hours each way and resting a few hours to make the trip, he discovered it was MRSA. 

He prescribed the only antibiotic that I hadn't had and it worked. I also started using Structured Silver and Oreganol P73, topically and orally. 
Don't confuse Oreganol P73 with cooking Oreganol. They are two completely different things. 

In addition, don't believe all silvers are the same either.
I had to make a trip to North Carolina and I found out the hard way. 
I tried to use a vegetable base hair color. My head, neck and ears broke out badly, begin bleeding.
I thought I'd go to the local health food store since there was not time to have an order of what I normally use shipped where I was going.

It was a useless shortcut. It was a useful as putting water on my skin. In other words it did nothing.

Two lessons learned: 
1. I can't use any hair colors including vegetable based or it starts a reaction in my body. I'm jealous of those who can use natural hair colors lol. Although I can use that crumbly Henna lol
2. Never subsitute a product for one I know truly works.
I had used the remarkable Sol Silver (now 'Thank You Structured Silver Liquid and Gel')for several years.
Please don't waste your time on something that doesn't work!! All that will happen is you can say, 'It doesn't work and get trapped in the 'prescription trap again',  others will be helpful in pointing out how useless alternatives such as silver are for you. And very worse your going to suffer terribly physically when you most need relief.
On to what works for me. 
Oh by the way FDA requires me to tell you these aren't approved by them and not to make any medical claims they work. :)

 Oreganol P73 Super Strength 60 gels

Oreganol P73 Super Strenth
60 Gel Caps
Dietary Supplement,Oil of Oregano, Guaranteed Wild, non-GMO, Mediterranean Source Wild Handpicked P73, Oreganol P73 is the original wild oregano blend from remote high-mountain regions of the Mediterranean                                                                                                                                                                                                            
To order Oreganol P73 click the image above
(it's an amazon link) and below for Silver Gel or Liquid

Ph Structured Silver Gel
Silver concentration: 25 ppm
Net weight: 2 ounces (56.7g)
$ 15.00
New structured silver gel provides all of the benefits of structured silver solution, but is easier to apply in some topical situations. It features 25 ppm (parts per million) elemental silver combined with purified structured water.
Our 100% unique silver gel is specially formulated to match the natural pH of human skin. A topical gel that is too acidic can cause skin to become dry, potentially leading to cracking and bleeding. A gel that is too much of a base can leave unsightly, powdery white residue that gets onto clothes and the skin, causing people to avoid regular use of the gel because of this cosmetic flaw. Thank You Silver, however, has been formulated to avoid these problems.
Silver gel is alcohol-free, so it won’t cause unnecessary skin dryness. It also does not contain any petroleum products, which can lead to a greasy feeling or flaking.

Thank You Silver’s choice of natural ingredients produced a gel that does not use additives such as formaldehydes, parfum, triethanolamine (usually abbreviated as TEA), coal tar dyes, or siloxanes. In an effort to deliver the safest silver products, Thank You Silver has avoided the use of potentially harmful compounds.
Thank You Silver's unique technology outperforms older forms of silver. It "...shows significantly improved performance against pathogens and reduced healing times as high as 40% faster." (source

Quality Approved & Licensed: NPN 80046265

Health Canada is the Canadian Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health.
Health Canada's Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) reports that Thank You Structured Silver Gel meets the rigorous criteria required for licensing. The gel’s Natural Product Number (NPN) is DIN-HM 80046265. 
NPN licensing requires compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of the NNHPD. GMP are the part of quality assurance that ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled in such a way to meet the quality standards appropriate to their intended use.
People who choose Thank You Silver can rest assured knowing that rigorous quality standards are built into every container.

How To Use Silver Gel

Unlike silver water, which will run off of the skin if applied on its own, silver gel will stay in place for longer periods of time, making it an ideal choice for topical application. It can be used on or around the most sensitive parts of the body, including the face, mouth, cuts, scrapes, burns, hands, feet, groin, and vagina.
According to the label, “apply generously to the skin as needed to help promote a naturally healthy skin environment.”

New Silver Pumps

Thank You Silver Gel comes in a 2 ounce, contamination-proof pump container. This container is important because it does not take in air or other debris between uses, unlike other silver gels on the market that are sold in tubes or screw-top containers.

Silver gel (purified water, silver), citric acid, sodium hydroxide.

Apply generously to skin as needed to help promote a naturally healthy skin environment

Add to Cart View Cart

Ph Structured Silver 
16 oz

Each 16 fl. oz. (473 ml) bottle of pH Structured Silver covers over 6 weeks of general internal use (2 teaspoons per day) for immune system support.
pH Structured Silver is 99.997% pure water and 0.003% (30 parts per million) elemental silver. It is completely safe, remarkably effective, and has fans around the world..

Purified water, silver (30 ppm)
Contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or additives.

Add to Cart View Cart

I'll be sharing even more about the benefits of these products soon. If you'd like to know more in the meantime, please let me know-- Email Me. 

I experienced pain relief I hadn't had for months and I'd tried just about everything natural and over the counter.
The Oreganol P73 seems to alleviate pain as well as it works better to combat infection better than any antibiotic I've had. 
Silver combats infections and healed all the break outs faster than I'd have imagined. Now the Ph Structured Silver is improved and this is exciting to me and for others health.

If I'm diligent and consistent to take both the silver and Oreganol P73 I avoid catching everyone's flu, colds and the like. It keeps my immune system growing stronger than it's been for a long time. Of course I am like everyone else. I get lazy and don't stay on top of things. Then of course I pay the price too.

What happened as a result of contracting MRSA and not being treated appropriately? In a nutshell, my immune system began to attack itself, I couldn't fight off infections, developed a lung disease, and more.
Basically a good set up that equals AutoImmuneDisease.

Now when I do things like go to the dentist and have teeth extracted and have complications, I really have complications.

I have to tell you though, the more I get away from antibiotic and medicines that cause me issues, life is starting to get better.

I look forward to sharing more of what I'm doing to make this change. I  hope you might find what I share useful for you or someone you know.

There is an event starting Jan. 31 called the 'AutoImmune Revolution'. It's free and do consider joining in. You will learn a lot about AutoImmune diseases, and a different approach to dealing and treating them.

 AutoImmune Revolution Event

Autoimmune diseases and the physical, chemical and emotional pain they create impacts millions around the world. The primary way doctors treat these diseases today is to prescribe immune suppressing drugs. Unfortunately, this approach has failed to achieve a meaningful outcome and has created an even greater health crisis — what Dr. Peter Osborne calls “The Prescription Pain Trap” — which you will learn more about during this event. Sign up now by clicking the banner below!

The Autoimmune Revolution

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  1. Fabulous post Cindy, I LOVE your tips on helping to treat MRSA holistically. You make a lot of valid points around holistic products and supplements etc many people go for other often cheaper or poor quality versions of things. I always do my own research on products especially strength and ingredients and of course recommendations.


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