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Monday: Snow: Misdiagnosis:Bell's Palsy

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  Good Morning, It's Monday Morning and a snowy one here. I love the snow and being out in it but I dislike the cold and it sure takes a toll on my skin. I'm feeling a bit like a prune. It doesn't help it warms up like it's Spring then reverts to cold again. My body doesn't know what to think lol 

 I've had computer & connection issues off and on all weekend and it's so frustrating. It's a challenge to get this post done this morning and some things don't want to work. grrr I'm hopeful to get some of this worked out today possibly. So if the formatting of my post doesn't look quite perfect, 
you know why. 

What are your plans for the day? I have an appt for my NUCCA chiropractor today to get adjusted from my neck axis. I've been having back issues for at least a month. Probably doesn't help two week long stays in a hospital bed. I no longer go to a regular chiropractor because the last one paralyzed me on my left side and landed me in the emergency room. Drs thought I had a stroke when in fact the chiropractor didn't seem to know what he was doing. Once it was determined I was not having a stroke and diagnosed with Bells Palsy I was released and accepted into the NUCCA clinic. Within 30 minutes I had all feeling and function back on my left side. I didn't have Bell's Palsy, rather the dr hit nerves that paralyzed the left side of my body. 

 I truly believe there are great doctors who know what they are doing. I am a lot more cautious now than ever before. Especially since I was misdiagnosed again recently after having some teeth pulled, put on pain meds and released with the diagnosis of nerve damage in my mouth. One of the meds I was subscribed along with pain meds to take me home made it impossible to think straight. I cried sometimes because I couldn't even remember passwords to get on some of my sites. 

 I am very thankful for daughters who got me in on an emergency basis to the University of Iowa hospital. I was taken off the medication that affected me so badly, a severe infection was found in my gums that could have been fatal. I had surgery to remove the infected area in my gums because it was so bad and then a second surgery to drain infection via a drain in my neck. None of it was fun 
and terribly painful at times. 

 After a week the drain was removed from my neck and I got to go home. I'm on the mend and no pain now. Yeah! I go for a follow again tomorrow for two appts and praying for a good report. I no longer have any bottom teeth and very little gums in front for dentures. I hope to find out the answer to what to do about that tomorrow. 

 I encourage you to stick with a good doctor if you have one. But if your not getting answers and are concerned about your diagnosis do get a second opinion and keep seeking answers. Don't settle! Doctors are not gods and don't know everything. Sometimes specialist, homeopathic practioners and others may be your better choice. I'm on the mend now and thankfulness is on my mind every day. I have a grattitude for life, family, friends who have helped and stood by me.

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