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A Cat's Meow on a Beautiful Thursday

Good afternoon. How's your Thursday so far?

It's a beautiful day here and a great day for some Pineapple Joost. What's Pineapple Joost, you ask!

Well let me tell you how I've transformed drinking plain ole water into a drink that almost deserves an umbrella.

I've improved mundane water with Forever's Pineapple Joost. Complex and sweet, Pineapple, Coconut and Ginger splash some fun, flavor and folate along with multiple vitamins in my water.

Did you know staying hydrated helps energize your muscles and B vitamins help convert food into energy!

I improve my hydration and Vitamin B intake with a squeeze of Joost.

The easy to handle bottle packs a big punch and can make up to thirty 8 oz drinks.

Each drop is rich in flavor and only takes one squeeze.
I can instantly see the vibrant color and delicious flavoring transforming my drink.

Made with Stevia and an excellent source of Vitamin B6 & B12, Folate and Vitamin C.

What a cool way to rehydrate your body and please your taste buds.

Simply add one squeeze to 8 oz of water or any of your favorite drinks for that matter. And can't beat 5 calories per serving.

Wanna try some! Remember if your not happy, I'm not happy and that's why you have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Buy yours today by clicking below
Pineapple Joost
Joost Pineapple

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