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How to Get Excited About Your Workout

How to Get Excited About Your Workout
Guest Post By Aurora McCausland

For many of us, working out is a chore. Dragging yourself to the gym feels like an entire workout itself, and despite feeling motivated to improve, you don’t feel motivated to workout. It’s a common phenomenon, many of us feel that dread when it comes to the gym. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! It won’t happen overnight, but here are a few ways to help you feel excited about your workout. 


Find a workout buddy

Often, one of the most powerful forces that will get you into the gym, is the accountability of having a workout buddy. The fact that someone else is counting on you to the gym, will force you to get in your car and go. It’s easy to make excuses when no one but yourself is expecting you to go. You don’t have to do the same workouts, although you can if this will help motivate you! The importance is just that you coordinate and schedule to go into the gym together a few times a week, whenever your schedule will allow. Make sure you pick a gym buddy that you really, truly want to workout with for the foreseeable future! 

Try out different types of fitness classes

Sometimes, what it takes to get you excited about your workout, is finding out what you like to do. Have you ever tried other workout programs? Most gyms have a selection of different group fitness classes, so try them all! Barre, heavy lifting, crossfit, spin classes, zumba, the list can go on! Once you find what you love, you’ll know, and that will be what gets you into class. It will be hard but it will be fun. You don’t need to spend hours on the elliptical for the sake of fitness(in fact, you shouldn’t), so try something new, and keep trying new things, until you find what clicks for you. 

Get cute workout clothes

This may sound vain, and shallow, but having cute clothes to workout in is an absolute game changer when it comes to workout motivation. Just like buying cute clothes for any other occasion will get your excited to wear it, the same goes for workout clothes. Invest in well made clothing that will last a long time, and keep you contained and content.

Set goals

Are you working out for the sake of working out? Do you have a weight loss goal? A vague goal of attaining more muscle tone? Whatever your goal, you should have one. Without a goal, there isn’t really a lot else pulling you to go into the gym, is there? It’s okay for this to be a superficial goal, because all of the other benefits of working out will just come naturally alongside your goals.

Find new music to listen to

Most people can’t get themselves through their workout without good music. Find or create some new playlists that get you really pumped and excited for your workout, and that keep you motivated and pushing hard for the duration of your workout. You can ask friends for recommendations on what they like to listen to, and find new styles of music that really helps you workout! Some people like to listen to podcasts while they workout, and for them, it motivates them to workout so they can listen to the next episode.

Follow inspiration accounts

There’s nothing wrong with trying to surround yourself with motivation and inspiration. Find new instagram accounts that inspire you to get to the gym. A lot of fitness influencers will post workouts as well, which will help you mix things up and always have something to do at the gym. 

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