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🌞 Good Morning 🌞 I'm glad it's Friday. How about you? 
I had planned to share a bit more yesterday but was a crazy afternoon and evening. So I sigh and relax. Today's a new day! 
Yesterday on the group ( began talking about what holds you back from pursuing your dreams and passions. I mentioned fear being a biggie for me and wondered if it was for you too.
Do share if it is or has been for you! 
Also today I'd like to know what your dream(s) or passions are. You can't go forth it you don't know what your pursuing!
For me one of my dreams is having a meaningful business such as I have with Forever Living and helping others with aloe, bee and botanical products that surpass anything I've ever used. 
I don't like working for someone else building their dreams. And I want the freedom to do as I need to do. Walk my dogs not being bone tired after work, going to see my new granddaughter in Kansas, having lunch with a friend or my daughter and the list goes on.
I hope I got your juices going and you are thinking. Share with us and stop over and learn a bit more about Forever Living at the link here:
Even if you have your own business already, share with us. It might inspire someone to go forth in their dreams. 
Consider joining my group at Reach for the Sky!

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I'm excited for all the cool stuff I have to share with you this month.
I am updating my email subscription service and hope to have it in place soon for you to sign up.
I apologize to anyone who received an email of my blog posts the last couple weeks. Those weren't supposed to go out and thought I had changed it.They were still great information but hadn't planned on sending them out that way.
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